A mathematician, a physicist and a computer scientist walk into a bar.. and so here I am. This was a joke that one of my professor used to mock me with. But, unfortunately, I am not that kind of genius.

My name is Linda and I am a former computer scientist.. Former not in the sense that now I am not a computer scientist anymore, but I evolved, somehow.

At present I am a Ph.D student in Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics, a pretty huge project of my university that wants to maximise the interdisciplinarity of these fields.

I’m currently working in Quantum Computation and Quantum Model Checking but my main research interests span different fields, i.e. foundations of quantum mechanics (just curious, I must admit), quantum logics, quantum programming languages, and so on.

Of course I cannot claim a perfect knowledge of these fields as a whole but I strongly believe that being perseverant enough in studying what I like may lead me to a satisfying understanding of the Quantum world.

In this blog I will try to explore different subjects, focusing sometimes on funny mathematical problems and, of course, quantum stuff.

In my spare time I like books and videogames, so do not be surprised if you’ll find also short posts involving things different from “quantum stuff”, as long as I am able to write about them without being heretic 🙂